Prayer may be something individual and private or it may be a shared expression of our concerns…our thanks, our hopes and our fears which we lay before God. Here you can ask for prayer and see who and what we are praying for, or you can join in the more formal Daily Prayer of the church.

In our prayers this week:  Here you will find names of members of the congregation, family and friends whose wellbeing is particularly on our hearts and minds at this time. There are prayers for church activities happening this week and for situations in our community and the wider world. We hold all these things before our loving and merciful God.

This week your prayers  are requested for:-


For our church members who are sick and coming to the end of their life.

For those moving from emergency to permanent accommodation


 Our PCC meeting tonight


 For those who are homeless and sleeping under the church lytch gate

For children and school staff starting their holidays


 For all who are engaged in the tensions in the Straits of Hormuz

For our national political life

Your prayer requests: You are invited to ask for a prayer at this time, whether it is for yourself or another or for a broader concern.

Daily Prayer: The Church of England has a pattern of formal services of daily prayer in the morning, the evening, and at night. If you would like to explore these services and join with the wider church in prayer, follow this link.