Funerals at Holy Trinity

This is a place where the you and your loved one are truly cared for. Funerals at Holy Trinity are always individual, because we recognise that no two people, no two sets of circumstances, and no two families are alike.

We will meet with you at least once before the funeral service to find out about your wishes and any requests made by the person who has died. We can advise you on hymns for the service, but the choice is yours if you want it. You can choose the music to be played coming into the service and going out, either to be played by our organist, or recorded music, which can be (almost) anything you want. You can also choose which bible reading you would like. Unlike a funeral service at a crematorium, there is little restriction on the time available for any tributes you would wish to make.

In the service in church we speak about the one who has died and speak to those who mourn. At a difficult time, we speak about God’s word and the comfort and challenge it can offer us in our grief. We sing and pray and commend the one who has died to God’s care. We will then come with you to the cemetery or crematorium for the service of committal. Times and dates for the funeral are usually arranged by your funeral director. Please ask them to call us so that we can contact you.

There is much more information about funerals on the CofE Funerals website.

Our costs are included in the bill from your funeral director.

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