Smethwick, The Generous Town

The figures below show how generous are the people of Smethwick who through churches, community groups, schools and supermarkets have donated an increasing amount of food to The Smethwick Foodbank. Holy Trinity Smethwick counts it an honour to be home to the Smethwick Foodbank and is delighted to welcome people as volunteers and share in the serving of those in need of food.
All figures in the table below are in kg’s:
2012 Jan–March               989
2012 April-June                3326
2012 July-Sept                 3763
2012 Oct-Dec                   5492
2013 Jan-Mar 5736
2013 April-June                 5938
2013 July-Sept                  7556
“I’ve just analysed the 3 month totals of food distributed. We have gone up every 3 month period. We are distributing twice as much food at the present as we did this time last year. Looking at he figures for last Friday we distributed 523 kg from 30 vouchers ( a record for the day) to 81 individuals. For the whole week 677 kg 42 vouchers 103 individuals). Our estimate for food to be distributed in 2013/2014 was originally 24 tons, this went up to 27 at the half year point. It may go higher.”
(Graham Gordon Smethwick Foodbank)

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