Our Easter Invitation to You!

Easter for Christians is an amazing celebration of the extraordinary events that encompass the tragedy of Holy Week that culminate in the death of Jesus by death on a cross and his resurrection which we mark on Easter Sunday.
In between the tragedy and the triumph are all our human experiences…the wonder that is life and the awfulness of events that we live through or sometimes in for years.
Jesus showed us by his new life out of death that God is with us through all of life and death and all that we believe as Christians follows. 
the new life of Jesus points us to the new life we are invited by God to have in this life, pointing to all that is good and holy and true.
We choose, or not, to explore that offer from God to us in Jesus. God waits for our response. 
This year, join us at Holy Trinity Smethwick as we explore again the horrors of what we call Holy Week and Good Friday – particularly why we call it Good when it is about the death of Jesus – and celebrate again the remarkable events of Easter Sunday.

Happy Easter!

Revd David Gould

Vicar Holy Trinity Smethwick

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