Easter is for Sharing

If we go to church we often go to a particular church….Baptist, Methodist, New Frontiers….perhaps even the Church of England! Some of us will say we avoid churches because they always disagree with each other so a plague on all their houses!

In Smethwick a man who has been going to church since he was a boy announced to the Bishop of Birmingham who was visiting Smethwick Foodbank that he had never known a time in all his long life when the churches worked as closely together as they do now in this town! Quite a statement!

On Good Friday we will meet and pray and walk and sing to mark this special day when Jesus accepted death so we could know life. We do so as Christians in this town just as other faith communities mark their special days. We do so together as churches of all sorts but most importantly because we believe that what unites us is the love of Jesus for all.

We come together as Christians for the Smethwick Foodbank, to support Smethwick in a Stew, at Easter to share in the joy of the resurrection as Jesus points the way to life in all its fullness. Different buildings, different labels for our churches but sharing a common faith, a common hope in the extraordinary love of God for all.

Reverend David Gould

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