Bishop of Birmingham in Smethwick

Welcome Bishop David to Smethwick.

Smethwick Foodbank grew out of the vision of a few to be the shared enterprise of fourteen churches locally. Out of that partnership experience has come Smethwick Church Action Network and with that extraordinary opportunities:

  1. To shape, not simply critique, public policy as partners with Sandwell MBC our local authority;
  2. To demonstrate that the Good News of Jesus and his passion for the poor is not just for a church club but for all in community;
  3. To enjoy the fellowship of Christians of many churches from whom too many of us have been estranged for too long.

By next May our local authority will have shrunk significantly in size in five years. It will no longer dominate the landscape in the way it has previously. In a community so segmented as this one the task for us as Church of England is to realise afresh our historic mandate:

  1. To be an agent of reconciliation and bring down the barriers that divide;
  2. To give a clear and prophetic lead to those churches which do not enjoy the privileges’ we as Church of England in Sandwell have even now and find new ways to honour their steadfast witness;
  3. To stand tall in the public arena as Christ’s ambassadors.

Smethwick CAN, the Smethwick Foodbank, Smethwick in a Stew – these are the beginnings we want to see grown across Sandwell. Perhaps from this place of deprivation the light of Christ may shine more strongly than in many years and be an example and encouragement to many in and beyond this Metropolitan Borough.

Perhaps the Church of England could give a lead and create a missionary archdeaconry of Sandwell!?

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