180 Years Young!

On Sunday September 9th we celebrate 180 years of the life of Holy Trinity Smethwick. We are delighted to welcome The Right Reverend Anne Hollinghurst, Bishop of Aston to lead our celebrations and preach.

Please use the following prayer as a sign of your support for the continued life and ministry of this church in the town of Smethwick. Thank you!

A Prayer for Holy Trinity Smethwick

God Our Father, we give you thanks for your care and blessing over these 180 years on this church of Holy Trinity Smethwick

God, the Son, we give you thanks that you have walked with the people of Holy Trinity Smethwick through war and peace, through poverty and  plenty.

God the Holy Spirit, we thank you that you have empowered your church of Holy Trinity Smethwick in acts of service, prayer and compassion.

Now we give you thanks for your blessing on this house of prayer, where we are stirred to faithful witness and are built up by your Spirit into a temple made without hands, even the body of your Son Jesus Christ.

Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we offer you ourselves and this place afresh.


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