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Development Plan

Smethwick Community First Panel

March 2013 and into The Future



Smethwick is a town in the Sandwell Metropolitan Borough, in the West Midlands of England. Situated near the edge of the borough, it borders the city of Birmingham to the east. The current population is approximately 12,057. BME groups make up appromatly 32% (3856) of the wards poppulation.

Map of the Ward


Smethwick Community First Panel has targeted it resources with organisations that have the following priorities:

  • Improve the environment of the Local Park or green spaces
  • Increase the range of activities available for young people
  • Improve the environment of the ward
  • Bringing different communities together, and promoting heritage, art and cultural activities
  • Support and promotion of mental health issues

The Panel has made 3 awards in its current financial year. As part of the development plan, consultation has taken place with members of the public and local community groups to ascertain their concurrence with the panels’ current list priorities. The panel has designed a questionnaire which has been be made available to the general public and circulated to community groups offering services within the panels ward area.


Audit of volunteers and community group

Smethwick has an abundance of community groups and volunteers thought out it wards. Organizations such as SCIPS and SCVO offer a wide variety of services to enhance the quality of work volunteers and community organizations. Smethwick also has several volunteer lead originations offering a variety of services

Cape Hill Tenants And Residents Association : – Support to local residents

Devonshire Parent Council –Provide support to families and young people, raising funds for activities for all section of the local community

Eurasisa Educational Society – offer services to bereaved individuals, families in financial need and asylum seekers

Gateway to Success:-  Financial/debt advice, access to credit union, employment training and housing

Guru Nanak Gurdwara Smethwick: – Economic, social and community development. Law , crime, human/civil rights.

Oscott Horticulture Services CIC – Employment and education training, education and research

Possibilityspace – Equality and diversity, community cohesion and policy development

Regent Street Day Centre – Arts, culture, sport and recreation

Sandwell Confederation of Indians: – Advocacy, Arts Culture, Sports and Recreation, Employment and Training.

Smethwick Advocate Publishing and design – Advocacy, Arts Culture, Sports and Recreation, Employment and Training.

Smethwick Old Church Scout Group – Arts, culture, sport and recreation targeted at 8 to 18 years old


Consultation Feedback/Results

A total number of 57 questionnaires were completed and returned,  the panel has sifted through the results of the consultation and has selected the issue’s that have been raised the most often from the feedback that it has received, the Residents and community group within our ward would like to see:

  • Reduced anti-social behavior
  • Increased activities for children and young people
  • Better Community/Religious Cohesion
  • Well maintained outdoor and communal areas
  • More sporting provisions and changing facilities
  • Additional support for mature citizens (elderly)
  • Increased cooperation between community groups


A number of the questionnaires received form the groups that had previously received funded stated that the groups would have benefited from additional support. Smaller groups needed access to meeting spaces, administration support and help with marketing the services they offer


Additional Resources

Smethwick wards neighborhood manager and parks manager have reaffirmed their commitment to support community and volunteer organizations. They are able to offer support on planning of community events, marketing of the organizations services.


The way forward:

Smethwick panel will be targeting 2 specific types of groups in the next round of funding:

  • New and Small community groups
  • Established groups within Sandwell offering new services within the ward

The panel will also seek to help community groups use their resources more effectively, by encouraging cooperation between groups and the sharing of resources.

To further enhance the panels work, we propose to review applications every 3 months; this will enable the panel to issue the request funds to successful application in a more timely fashion. The panel will also seek to initiate networking events and opportunities for volunteer lead organizations with the hope of creating greater accesses to resources in the local area.

The above application should be completed considering the Panel Priorities for Smethwick ward. The completed form should be sent to ku.oc.kciwhtemsytinirtylohnull@tsrifytinummoc for consideration at the panel meeting on Monday 27th January 2014 . Applications will be considered if they reach this email address by midday 26/01/14.