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Address:  Holy Trinity Church, Church Hill Street, Smethwick

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Vicar: Revd David Gould
0121 558 0373 or 07787 199998                      


Associate Priest: Revd Nick Ross
07881 825319

Holy Trinity Church, Church Hill Street, Smethwick

Who are we?

Pictures: Lay Chair of PCC Churchwardens Afia leading Min of Word Children in intergenerational worship The Ordained Ministry Team

Holy Trinity Church is a broadly based Anglican church at which people from a wide range of different backgrounds come together to worship and to serve the community.

The congregation of Holy Trinity Church (or the Parish of the Resurrection as it is more formally known) was formed from the bringing together of five churches in Smethwick: four of which were no longer viable as the faith base of the local population changed. Together they represent almost all the traditions that make up the Church of England. To this has been added a vibrant collection of Anglican Christians who have come to Smethwick from congregations across the Indian Subcontinent and Africa.

The church is led by a Parish Church Council which reflects the diversity of our congregation, and, on most Sundays, the leadership of the service involves both ordained ministry and lay members of the congregation.

We have a growing number of children on a Sunday at Holy Trinity. They are an important part of our congregation, participating in services and having their own activities in age groups ‎

Our History

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