Christian Aid 2016

A marvellous day of fundraising on Saturday. Our thanks to all those who gave of their time and talent with special thanks to Jim Beale for co-ordinating the event. We will post news of the amount raised when all the envelopes are in.

Christian Aid: Fundraising, Celebration and Fun!

Christian Aid 2016

A special day to raise funds for Christian Aid. Please find below a list of events taking place in church. We would really appreciate your support on the day. Come and go as you please. More details to follow!
Saturday 21st May 2016 10am to 3pm
11am-11.30am Ex Cathedra Community Choir
12-12.20pm Bhangra
12.30-1.00pm and 1.20-1.45pm Ukulele Band
2.15-3pm Robert, sponsor a hymn
Plus Elise face painting, Abbie singing and Tanya reading her poetry.
Refreshments available all day
Holy Trinity Church
Church Hill Street
B67 7AH

Cllr Darren Cooper RIP

I with thousands of others was shocked to learn of the death on Saturday evening of Cllr Darren Cooper, Leader of Sandwell MBC and our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and close colleagues.
Many, many of us, across the borough will have had cause to meet Darren. We will each remember different things. For me his courtesy, his memory for names, his enthusiasm for that he was about stood out for me. I have had cause to meet many politicians but here was a person, who put people first and then sought what seemed best for all. The dogma of politics seemed to be second to the people and for me that made him a more effective leader and much respected by many whatever their creed or faith or politics or persuasion.
Finally, when he asked me to speak alongside him at the gathering of people of different faiths outside the Council House in Oldbury after the Paris bombings last year I thought here was someone, outside of his comfort zone, but prepared nevertheless to give a clear lead to all of us in this borough. He spoke that day with clarity, integrity and courage and I will not forget that.
RIP Darren Cooper

I couldn’t put it better…….

Friday 15 January 2016

To All who Read the Primates’ Statement with Grief and Dismay

When a person comes out as gay, they sometimes face a wall of silence from people who don’t know how to respond; they may find precious support from people they never knew cared; but agonisingly, yet often, they find that a person whose love they covet and whose affirmation they yearn for can’t deal with what they’re telling them, responding instead with words of condemnation and gestures of ostracism.

The US Episcopal Church has experienced just such things in its resolve to regard LGBT people as signs of God’s blessing rather than embodiments of human wilfulness. It has received words of understanding, but indications also of admonishment and sanction.

The ray of hope from the experience of those who have come out is this. Those same people whose ostracism hurt them so much, in many cases later came to say: ‘But you’re my brother, my sister, my child – I cannot reject you.’ Likewise worldwide Anglicans have been rediscovering, ‘Our unity is integral to our identity: we don’t know who we are without each other.’

My prayer today is that a corresponding slow, but ultimately beautiful, transformation will happen in the Anglican Communion: that words of antagonism, ultimately rooted in fear, will be displaced by a renewal of even deeper bonds of affection; and that those who reproach and condemn will come to realise that the ones they are really impoverishing are themselves.

Revd Dr Sam Wells
Vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields
15 January 2016

……and if this transformation is not following soon then why do we as Church of England want to still be part of this thing called the Anglican Communion. I for one do not want to be part of it if it does not have a welcoming place for all
Revd David Gould
Vicar Holy Trinity Smethwick

Christmas 2015 at Holy Trinity Smethwick

Services for Christmas 2015
Sunday 20th December
6.00pm Festival of Nine Readings and Carols by Candlelight
Followed by Christmas Party
Thursday 24th December
4.30pm Crib Service
11.30pm Midnight Communion

Friday 25th December
10.00am Christmas Day Communion
We welcome all to join these special services! Happy Christmas!

Prayer, Exploration and Food

Beginning Monday 12th October 2015 we will meet for prayer three times a day, Monday to Thursday at 8.30am, Midday and 5.00pm. On Tuesday at 4pm and Wednesday at 11am we will meet to Explore Together our faith beginning with a study of the Lords Prayer. Finally, we will share a simple lunch together on Tuesday and Wednesday after Midday Prayer.
If you worship regularly at this church or somewhere else or just want to join in you are most welcome!